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Pandemic Price Match Adustment:  Regular $25.00 Currently $22:50

These Darker Adhesive  Fish Paper Rolls are our best selling length for the 3" wide rolls are the most convenient to carry, manage and install for smaller jobs. Less excess weight to carry around compared to the 5" and 50' rolls. The adhesive allows for much faster installation in the field when job deadlines are tight.

145P Tags Fish paper roll - electrical insulating adhesive fish paper (dark color) CGA100325FT - 3" x 25' x 0. 010" thick. For small sized installations where the higher cost of adhesive-backed fish paper is not prohibitive and deadlines are critical. Used to get around those tight corners. where larger rolls create a challenge. The high voltage ac power cables are insulated from the lower voltage dc cables and equipment. This fish paper prevents costly electrical shorts on expensive equipment.

CGA100325FTD Adhesive Fish Paper Roll 3in. x 25ft.(Dark)

$32.00 Regular Price
$22.50Sale Price
  • These Adhesive Fish Paper Rolls are continuous with no joins. These rolls are 10 mil thick, 3 inches wide and 25 feet long.

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