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145P Tags Telecom Grey Fiber Tags

with 11" min. waxed Lacing cord attached

This bag of 145P Tags is filled with blank Telecom Grey (TG) tags tied with a 11" to 12" pigtail of waxed Lacing cord already attached with the popular loop and one full knot that has become so popular with installers over the years. The most popular and used tag in the business now comes with the cord attached. No more wasted hours in the field cutting and tying the tags. Spend installation time doing more value added tasks worthy of your skilled time.  These are the original tags use in Telecom installations for decades. You can label both sides and they are pre-punched with 1/4" hole. Dimensions of the tags are 1" wide x 1 3/4" long (furthest end to end) and 1/16" thick.

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