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Challenge your Creativity 

Color Coordinate your Installs

These colored 145P Tags are packaged and sold in bags of 100. Great for color coding for different Telcos, use in different locations and different service types. Color coding on cables for LTE-4G and UMTS-3G. These colored 145P fiber Tags come in RED, WHITE & BLACK in addition to the ever popular time tested TELECOM GREY (TG). Bag of 100. Manufactured with the same material specification as the traditional Telecom Grey fiber tags used in the telecom industry since the first fiber tag was used many years ago.  Still made to conform to A&E Specifications. 1 3/4" long and 1" wide and 1/16" thick. Official color designations are Eggshell White (EW), Matte Black (MB) and Dark Red (DR)

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