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145PTAGS.COM is a company dedicated to simplicity and peace of mind in ordering. We guarantee stock of 145P Tags and delivery is always via standard ground shipments and there are only ever ground shipments. Our prices are discounted based on our lower overheads. No rushing, no urgent deliveries and no stress related orders or injuries. We pay you for peace of mind with our prices.

ORDERS with FEDEX PRIORITY SHIPPING available ON-LINE and directly over the phone


We limit initial on-line orders to a maximum of $500. We are a small business selling to other small businesses and end users. We keep first-time orders small, manageable and our stress low. We want to excel in order execution and focus on manageable sized orders. We pay you to help keep it that way by keeping our prices LOW.  That being said, we reward LOYALTY and the more 145P Tags  you buy, the fewer orders we process. We thank our returning and loyal clients with even further discounted prices. So if you are one of our loyal clients buying more that one bag of 145P Tags  remember to check out our "QTY. DISCOUNTED TAGS" TAB in our MENU above (existing clients) or request the password using the  PASSWORD REQUEST link above (returning clients).

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